I wish to return an item (or it's faulty), what do I do? 

If you’re unlucky enough to receive a faulty product or you’ve changed your mind, that's absolutely fine. We’ll try to make it as easy as we can. Just login to your account and go to the recent orders page, from there you can begin the return process. Alternatively you can email us at customer.service@novielo.com and one of our team can assist. 

Am I entitled to a refund? 

Buying things online can be difficult, particularly something as big as furniture, so we try to be as reasonable as possible with our return and refund policy. With this in mind we don't put any restrictions on returning an item for a refund, whether it's a sale item or normal priced you can return and receive a full cash refund. The only thing we ask is that you do so within 30 days of delivery. 

Something from my order is missing, what do I do?

It’s most likely on its way separately. Separate deliveries can happen for a variety of reasons, whether that it may be too big to fit in one of our delivery boxes or if we were awaiting a delivery (deliveries happen every day so it may just be a day or two later than your other item). However, all items should come within the specified delivery timeframe so if they have not arrived in this time or you simply would like some confirmation on what's happened, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Do you offer international delivery?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer international delivery. Whilst our ongoing expansion will lead to this becoming an option within in the near future, at the moment we are focusing on offering the best service we can in the UK. 

When will my order arrive?

We aim to deliver all orders within 3-5 working days however on rarer occasions this can be slightly longer. 

Which Courier Do You Use?

Depending on the size of the order we may use Royal Mail for our express delivery. 

Are Returns Free?

Unfortunately we don't offer free returns on our orders as we offer free or max £1.99 delivery instead. Whilst we would ideally prefer to offer free delivery and returns, if we were to offer either or both it would inevitably have to be absorbed into the cost of the product, meaning all customers would unfortunately pay a higher price rather than the small percentage who wish to return or exchange an item. 

How Secure Is The Novielo website?

Novielo offer two payment options for your convenience and comfort. Payments can be made by PayPal or by credit or debit card. Our card processing is 100% secure, processed using a company called Stripe, one of the largest payment processing companies in the world. By using Stripe we are able to ensure your card details remain private at all times. At no point can any of our staff see your card details.

Do You Offer Student Discount?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer student discount at Novielo London, but if you join our mailing list you can find out if and when this becomes available.